First time DPO- how to create support for your privacy program within the organization

As a Data Protection Officer do you ever feel like you are alone on a stranded island? You are struggling to find allies within the company while creating support for your privacy program leaves you disheartened?

It is great when you were appointed or assigned as a DPO within your company. You are optimistic and eager to prove that data protection deserves its place and recognition in your organization.

However, as it is a new role and a new position and sometimes it can be hard to find your place under the sun and find allies within an organization.

The truth is, you will have to create a strategy and make sure everyone in your organization knows who you are and what you do.


Make sure that the news about your appointment and your contact information is made available to everyone within the organization.

Use internal newsletter, intranet article, circular memo, bulletin board, or send an official notice to the business process owners.

Head to the HR office and ask for an advice on which channels would be the most appropriate.

Participate in the drafting of the notice that will be easy to understand and tailored to the readers, whether they are lawyers, pharmacist or sales representatives.

Along with the notice, you can also prepare a leaflet or a short PowerPoint presentation, stating your contact information, describing your tasks and explaining in which situations it is suitable to ask for your advice.


Since you’ve been appointed by the board, request that you attend the next top management meeting.

Don’t let data protection be marginalized by anyone, top management included.

Take this opportunity to make a brief explanation of what is personal data protection, why is it important, what are possible negative consequences of breaching the provisions of the GDPR, and how you can help the organization to operate successfully while still respecting all its legal obligations and right of individuals.

Keep this presentation concise and informative. Avoid complicated legal terms and do not focus only on administrative fines. Personal data protection is much more than that!

For more guidelines download guide here: GUIDE FOR A SUCCESSFUL DPO -creating support for your privacy program

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