Same or different? Why it is so confusing?

I’m just gonna dive straight into this topic.

With the surge of data protection laws and regulations, we’ve been introduced to a variety of different terms that sound familiar but they are actually not, and sound the same but they are actually…

…and thrived

In the past decade or so, Marketing had a few jumps. The range of communication with individuals has grown wider and finer.

Going from physical address to e-mail address and then to third party platforms, apps, and push notifications.

We are now interacting via multiple channels collecting various…

So you have suffered a security incident, caused either by the human error (23%), system glitches (25%), or malicious attacks (52%). You will have to make prompt decisions and put your Incident Respons plan into action (if you are lucky to have one).

While most of your efforts will go…


Product marketing specialist for Data Privacy Manager

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